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      "Have you made any new discoveries?" he asked.From the other side came two soldiers, one of whom she recognised, as he had been billeted on her. Constantly weeping, her face distorted, she sent another glance towards that fiery blaze, looked at the soldier as if reprovingly, hesitated a moment, but then pressed the enemy's hand, sobbing: "Adieu!adieu!"

      for it, but of course that is utterly impossible.

      CHAPTER V. PLATO AS A REFORMER."The miserable behaviour of the men has been the cause that a non-commissioned officer and a private were seriously wounded by German ammunition.



      In the afternoon we take a walk on the cliffs, or swim, if the tide


      The palace of the Rajah of Nagpoor, with its two towers, overlooks the river from above a broad stairway. A balcony quite at the top is supported on a massive cornice lightly carved into acanthus leaves. The damp has subdued the red colour of the building, fading it especially at the base, and from a distance it might be fancied that a veil of thin gauze had been hung over the palace, and fastened beneath the carved parapet.otherwise might.