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      CHAPTER LIX. LIGHT IN THE CORNER HOUSE.It is a strange thought that with all the order, system, and regularity, existing in nature, there is nothing but the movements of the heavenly bodies constant enough to form a base for gauging tests. The French standard based upon the calculated length of the meridian may be traced to this source.

      "Well, that is right enough. But, mind, don't say in your paper that you found troops here, and especially avoid telling which troops."

      "Of course, it wants a bit of explaining away," he said. "Still, supposing for argument sake you were the thief, how could we possibly connect you with the corner house and the poor fellow who was murdered there?"

      "We beseech all residents in the municipality to guard the highest interests of all the inhabitants and of those who are hostages of the German Army, and not to commit any assault on the soldiers of this army.

      "What is the meaning of this?" she demanded.


      (1.) How may gauging implements affect the division of labour?(2.) In what way do standard dimensions affect the value of machinery?(3.) Why cannot cylindrical joints be fitted by trying them together?(4.) Under what circumstances is it most important that the parts of machinery should have standard dimensions?(5.) Which sense is most acute in testing accurate dimensions?(6.) How may slight variations in dimensions be made apparent to sight?


      "So far so good," Prout remarked. "It's not a very pleasant experience, but I am sorry I have not finished yet. I shall have to trouble you to come as far as Raven Street with me and identify the body."