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      The duke was deadlong live the duke!

      XXIII "SOLDIERS!"He isLord Selvaine! said Lady Wyndover. The best known man in London. It would take me ages to explain to you what he is! But you can understand this, that there isnt a girl here who wouldnt give her ears to have him sit and talk to her for half an hour as he has been talking to you.

      What a gay show! And among the very prettiest and most fetchingly arrayed newcomers you would quickly have noticed three with whom this carriage group exchanged signals. Kincaid spurred off to meet them while Greenleaf and Mandeville helped Anna and Miranda to the ground. "There's Constance," said the General.Thanks, he said in his languid way. Weve enjoyed the fun. Youd better start the coach, Johnson, or youll[280] beat the record for unpunctuality. Get up, dear, he said to Esmeralda in a whisper.

      He read the telegram with half-closed eyes and tightened lips.

      It would not have been safe, she said. They would[315] guess that I should do that, and would have followed and overtaken me. As it was, Simon came back and followed on my track, and I had to break it short by taking the horse up the stream and going into the wood. I lay hid there for hours; twice he passed me almost close, and it was not until I saw him ride back across the hill that I dared venture to make for the camp. Then I lost my way, and have been wandering about foroh, I do not know how long. Perhaps I must have got in the direction of the hut again, and no doubt that was Simon we heard cry out just now.Of Lady Wyndovers? said Norman. I dont remember any ward or relation of hers of that name.

      After a considerable ride, they pulled up; the man lifted her from the horse, and taking her hand, led her into a hut; Esmeralda offering no resistance, for she knew it would be worse than useless.


      Be calm! he said. II have thought of that. I came to ask you to help me. We must keep the fact of her flight secretfor a time, as long as we can. I have told themLiliasthat she is with you


      The Northerner softly assented.Are you frightened of me, Esmeralda? he asked, with a world of remorse and self-reproach in his voice.


      He gasped, and held the lamp higher.No, dear, she said to the puzzled Esmeralda, you must keep out of sight until Cerise is ready. If you were to be seen in the Row, people would insist upon knowing youand the season is just commencing, and there are plenty of people[65] up alreadyand I dont want you to appear until you can do so to the fullest advantage. You must be content, for a few days, with a ride in the broughamyou couldnt keep the window-shades up, I suppose?and with my society alone. Oh! yes, you can walk before breakfast, in the park; no one is up until after twelve; but you must take Thomas or Barker.