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      If it is money they want, said Esmeralda, I would give them what they asked. I am not anxious or afraid about myself, but I know what trouble they will be in at Three Star. Her voice faltered for the first time, and she turned her head aside. Go and tell them what I say.

      Varley ran up to him where he stood, about a hundred yards from the hut.

      You have been a long while remembering, she said.

      Get my things ready at once! he said, hurriedly and anxiously. Whats the first train I can catch?

      An hour ago, she said. He caught the morning train.


      He stood looking at her for a moment, his face as white as hers. He even took a step toward her: but she put out her[101] hand, with a gesture almost imperial, and he took up his hat and went.CHAPTER IV.


      Norman Druce.


      Trafford stood rigid and motionless, the big drops of sweat gathering on his brow.