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      PROLOGUE THE CHALLENGE Chapter 1"You d?an't mind me talking to you of her?"

      "Conscience!" replied the foreman: "who ever heard a galleyman talk of conscience before? By the green wax! you forgot you had a conscience the day I first saw you. You recollect the court of pi-poudr, my conscientious dusty-foot, don't you?"She had to be safe. He heaved in a breath of smoky air, and ran.

      "Save yourself, f?ather," continued the evangelist, "and give up all the vain desires of the flesh. Is this a time to buy olive-yards and vineyards? Beware lest there c?ame upon you as it did to him wot purchaised a field, the reward of inquiety, and falling headlong he bust asunder in the midst and his bowels goshed out"

      "Yesa liddle stick of a woman. That'll do, now."


      "Stop your ranting and tell me how the hogs got you."


      Chapter 12


      Then he went out, and gave Handshut a week's notice."I know these sounds," she said. "I talk to others in our room, and some of these work outside. They tell me of these sounds and this place: it is called a jungle."