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      Chapter 4"You mean the middle finger, don't you?" queried Monty Scruggs. "That's more natural way of standing."

      "All right; skip out. Break the lid o' the box off before you take it out o' the car. We haven't anything here to do it with. Leave your guns here."

      "YesI'm master here." He sat down, and looked round the table quite calmly. A vague uneasiness disturbed Mrs. Backfield and Harry. For some unfathomable reason they both felt a little afraid of Reuben.

      "How did I know it? How does any man know that another is drunk? He was boisterous, excited and yellingthat kind of a drunk."



      Marvor bent toward him. "Why is it right?" he asked.


      Dodd woke with the words in his mind, flashing on and off like a lighted sign. Back in the Confederation (he had seen pictures) there were moving stair-belts, and at the exits, at turnoffs, there were flashing signs. The words in his mind were like that: if he ignored them he would be carried on past his destination, into darkness and strangeness."You can go," said Lieut. Bowersox to the Lieutenant. "Sergeant, bring in Orderly-Sergeant Jacob Whitelaw."