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      You are awfully good, Daddy, to bother yourself with me, when you're

      Our postman not only delivers letters, but he runs errands for us

      It seems funny, doesn't it, for me to be sending a cheque to you?

      And in the evening at messa dinner given in honour of a regiment marching throughnews was brought in that close to Bunnoo, in the Kurrum valley, two travellers had been murdered in the night.

      girl in the pantry scouring knives, with the cookie jar at her elbow,

      Don't you think that's a nice idea? Only, Daddy, EDUCATE the new


      [105]I don't need to explain; if you haven't, I can't explain.


      This, however, was not done, owing to some palace intrigue, and greatly to the relief of Mme. Le Brun, who much preferred to live by herself in her own way.


      Henceforth the journey was a pleasure, and with [89] feelings of admiration and awe she gazed upon the magnificent scenery as she ascended the mighty Mont Cenis; stupendous mountains rising above her, their snowy peaks buried in clouds, their steep sides hung with pine forests, the roar of falling torrents perpetually in her obstinate, and stubborn and unreasonable, and tenacious,