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      Trafford stood rigid and motionless, the big drops of sweat gathering on his brow.

      She wrote a long letter to him, telling him all about Belfayre, and the duke, and Lady Lilias, and of her engagement to Trafford; and she begged Varley to come over to England. She sent her love to all old friends, mentioning them by name, and she signed herself his dear Esmeralda. You told me that if I was ever unhappy I was to come back to you and Three Star, she added, in a postscript; but, Varley, dear, I am the happiest girl alive, and Im afraid I shall never come back to Three Star again. So you must come to me. Do come! You would like the duke and Traffordoh! you would be sure to like him, and he you. He is just what you like, so brave, and kind, and good!

      Here, some nine or ten days after Greenleaf's flight, Hilary Kincaid, in uniform at last, was one of two evening visitors, the other being Mandeville. In the meantime our lover of nonsense had received a "hard jolt." So he admitted in a letter to his friend, boasting, however, that it was unattended by any "internal injury." In the circuit of a single week, happening to be thrown daily and busily into "her" society, "the harpoon had struck."

      The doctor glanced at him and hurried inside, followed by the two women. He came out again presently to fetch something from the stores, and Trafford grasped his arm.

      So different? he echoed, invitingly. Something of the charm of her freshness attracted him, as it attracted all who came in contact with her. He looked at her more attentively, and began to realize how beautiful she was, and how girlish and unsophisticated. He did not read the society papers, and had heard nothing, knew nothing about her, beyond the knowledge which Lord Selvaines introductory words conveyed.She knew that prayers and protestations would be of no avail, and said no more.



      No, my lord, said the man. Your trunk has come. I have had it put in your berth. Perhaps youd like to go aboard and get comfortable before she starts?