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      Have you been outside, listening, long? he asked.

      You wont tell me the way to Three Star, I suppose? she said in her sweet voice.The duke laughed again unabashed.

      Norman, like most strong and healthy young men, was a heavy sleeper. Trafford used to declare that nothing short of an earthquake, or the announcement of breakfast and the prospect of something to eat would waken Norman. Usually Traffords man knocked at Normans door, and never by any chance getting an answer, entered after a respectful interval. On this morning he did not wait after knocking, but went into the room and said rather louder than usual: Half past eight, my lord. This being repeated half a dozen times without any perceptible effect, the man gently shook Norman by the shoulder, and at last the blue eyes opened with an amazed expression, which invariably gave place to one of disgust, and the yawning question: Oh, is that you? Getting-up time already? This morning he looked more disgusted and yawned more widely than ordinary, for he had sat up smoking until late, or rather, early, thinking of Lilias, and Esmeraldas wonderful goodness to him, and he felt as if he could very willingly have knocked the awakeners head off.

      The young lady had exhibited a rare indifference upon the great trousseau question. She was not one of those girls whose finery is all external, and who hide rags and tatters[Pg 288] under ?sthetic colouring and Raffaelle draperies. She was too much of an artist to endure anything unseemly in her belongings, and her everyday clothes, just as they were, might have been exhibited, like a Royal trousseau, without causing any other comment than, "How nice!" "What good taste!" "What exquisite needlework!"

      After a moment or two, which seemed an age to Trafford, a horseman came in sight, saw Esmeralda, and pulled up his animal almost upon its haunches. Trafford saw the two regard each other for a moment, then the horseman sprung from his saddle, and rushing forward, caught Esmeralda as[314] she seemed about to fall, and Trafford heard her voice exclaim with joy, a world of joy and relief:


      I have just asked Lilias to be my wife, he said, and she has promised to besubject to your approval, Selvaine.


      The duke lay in a great bed with hangings of white velvet. The furniture of the room was whitea fancy of the old mans. She went softly up to the bed, and looked down on him. He lay sleeping as peacefully as a child, his face as placid as that of a marble mask. She could scarcely hear him breathe as she bent lower and lower until her lips touched the wrinkled forehead. As she kissed him, a tear, the existence of which she was ignorant, fell upon his face.This is the Wally Valley, she said.